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Cities must already take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization today to be successful in the future as well. Digital transformation and the Internet of Things offer many challenges and opportunities to improve the quality of life for the population in terms of mobility, participation, transparency, education, resource efficiency, climate protection, city development and other aspects. Good examples of digital cities already exist today, regardless of their geographical location or size. The workshops are intended to support cities and municipalities in digitalization by know-how-transfer from experts.

Our Workshops

Workshop 1

Smart City – Fundamentals of a Digital City

The aim of this 1-day workshop is to understand the fundamentals of digitalization and the effects of digital transformation on cities, to gain an overview of current developments in digital technologies, the Internet of Things and open data platforms, and to develop concrete ideas for innovative projects based on various use cases:

  • Introduction and overview about digital cities
  • Mega trends, Smart City Charta, action fields, Open Government Data
  • Current developments of digital technologies
  • Urban communication networks, sensor systems and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cloud Computing, virtualization, container, microservices, cluster management
  • Database systems, Big Data, real-time data processing, Smart Data Analytics
  • IT security, data protection and privacy, open data platforms
  • Intelligent infrastructures, digital business models and platform economy
  • Group work for brainstorming
  • Discussion, evaluation of proposals and formulation of concrete project ideas

The workshop can be conducted either with participants from different institutions or as in-house training.

Workshop 2

FIWARE – Fundamentals of an Open Data Platform

The aim of this 2-day workshop is to get to know the architecture and technology of the open data platform FIWARE, to gain an overview of the modules available as Open Source and their fields of application, functionality and interfaces, and to develop simple prototypes for concrete project ideas based on a local FIWARE installation:

  • Introduction and overview about open data platforms
  • Architecture, technology and Generic Enabler of the FIWARE platform
  • Open data interface with FIWARE New Generation Service Interface (NGSI)
  • Data model and context management with FIWARE Context Broker
  • Communication and device management with FIWARE IoT Agents
  • Security and user management with FIWARE Keyrock and Wilma
  • IT-Sicherheit, Datenschutz, offene Datenplattformen
  • Data analytics and visualization with FIWARE Wirecloud, Cosmos and Knowlege
  • Development of Smart City applications based on the FIWARE platform
  • Group work for prototype development
  • Discussion, evaluation of prototypes and formulation of concrete projects

The workshop can be conducted either with participants from different institutions or as in-house training.

Our Instructor

Prof. Dr. Michael Prange

is an entrepreneur and consultant for digital transformation and sustainable development and Professor of Data Science with a focus on Big Data Technologies, Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things. He brings more than 30 years of experience from complex IT projects at international corporations, medium-sized companies and public institutions. His consulting and applied research topics include intelligent infrastructures, digital technologies, innovative business models and open data platforms with a focus on the Smart City and the Green Economy.

Björn Schwarze

Entrepreneur and Smart City Expert focussing on Digital Infrastructures. He organizes the Smart City working group of DiWiSH which orchestrates users, vendors, and service providers building, economical and political feasible concepts. DiWiSH stands for cluster of the Digital Economy of Schleswig Holstein. He realizes Smart City projects as Managing Director of ADDIX Internet Services GmbH. One project is to deliver free wifi to all inhabitants of the state of Schleswig-Holstein - #SH_WLAN.

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